Friday, December 30, 2011

World's Greatest Free Throw Shooter ~ Ted St. Martin ~ 5,221 in a row! - YouTube

World's Greatest Free Throw Shooter ~ Ted St. Martin ~ 5,221 in a row! - YouTube:

I'm tired of the announcers making fun of Joakim Noah's free throw form. Noah looks like Ted. Please tell the NBA.

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Focus is underated

Figure out on what to focus.
Schedule when to focus.
Following though with this focus.
Continue on iteratively more specific levels until you know the very specific and immediate task and focus on it.
Focusing in this way is a nearly universally valuable skill that I have never known to be taught.

I want to be good at basketball so I must focus on practicing (not playing).
I decide to practice from 5 to 6 PM at the YMCA.
I go to the YMCA

I then decide that I want to improve my ability to attack the rim.
How, using a spin move.
How do I practice a spin move?

The components are:
1. Getting the other player leaning
2. Moving the ball to the hand opposite the side I'm spinning toward
3. Taking a large step with the foot on the side I'm spinning towards past the foot of the player I'm spinning past.
4. Pivot quickly on the planted foot with which the large step was taken while controlling the ball with the opposite hand in a single dribble that is continued with the hand on the side being spun toward.
5. Take another large step and likely one more dribble with the same hand being spun toward.
6. Pick up dribble, likely with the one hand and finish with a layup or pick up with both hands and pull up for a jump shot.

Now try to do the whole spin move quickly.  After imperfection figure out what component was imperfect first and practice it both in isolation and as part of the entire move.  Each component can be broken down into a similar list of components.

For example, how to I get the other player leaning?
1. Inside out dribble
2. Fake crossover
3. Forward between the legs dribble
4. Backward between the legs dribble
5. Behind the back dribble

Each of these fakes has intricacies.  The skills and sub-skills on which to focus are endless.  The relieving result of focusing on the components is that when practiced they will meld together in unexpected yet brilliantly productive combinations when in the flow during the heat of battle.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The stage management of the grief for Kim Jong-il - Telegraph

Is anyone actually fooled or affected by this display?

I'm shocked that the answer is likely yes. If for no other reason than that the power to coerce so many people to pseudo-mourn is an impressive show of power. Enforcing the mourning might be a relatively harmless signal to the people that the government is still in control.

The stage management of the grief for Kim Jong-il - Telegraph:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

So secretive that we don't even know the rulers age

North Korea's Kim blocked the howling wind of history | Reuters: "His successor Kim Jong-un, believed to be in his late 20s, will have a hard task measuring up to his father's feats and those of his grandfather"

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Ethiopia convicts Swedish journalists of terrorism -

Should we really pity people brave or stupid enough to enter Ethiopia illegally and then mess with the government? It's almost as dumb as hiking near the Iranian border. At some point we should simply offer Darwin Awards and move on.

Ethiopia convicts Swedish journalists of terrorism - "The pair entered the country illegally in July with the intention of reporting on the activities of a Sweden-linked oil company, they testified. To gain access to the heavily restricted region, they linked up with rebels from the banned Ogaden National Liberation Front."

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not so brilliantSanta insight of the day

Santa gives presents.
We've never heard on anyone other than Santa riding on a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer.
Is this because nobody ever asked for such a sleigh?  Santa can't make another?  Or Santa doesn't exist?
If he does exist, meaning that such sleighs are possible, why hasn't anyone else come up with a similarly fun vehicle?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Total crap

The Best Places to Live: Men's

Any list of best cities US cities to live in that excludes NYC, Chicago, LA, DC, and SF is automatically discredited.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Why mergers fail

The Rumors Are True. I Am Leaving TechCrunch. | TechCrunch:

TC has lost it's best in MA, PC, MS, now SL. They also have tried to increase page views by posting lots of low quality articles and weakly link summaries.

I am getting very close to finding a new source for tech news. MA's blog is already a higher priority.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Mulato and making the NBA

A mulatto is about twice as likely at a black and 100 times as likely as a white American to make the NBA.

A link to the calcultion:
Race and NBA:

Monday, November 7, 2011

If this qualifies as sexual harassment?

Another Woman Accuses Cain of Sexual Advance -

She was not an employee. A guy thought he had a chance. He tries, fails, and moves on. BFD. This is hardly a claim of improper behavior. Now one is guilty if making a pass in a setting that is at all business oriented. Being that she was hoping for a job, might she have given signals that he had a chance. Maybe lead him on a bit. Unthinkable!!!

If this is a good as the mudslingers have against Herman, he's pretty clean.

No, I'm not a huge fan of his, but this these accusations are lame and don't float past the headlines.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Remember the Goose

It's an Atlas Shrugged type concept that the Occupy crowd might understand.

I'll make t-shirts if demand is revealed in the comments.


The left has their president is office for the last 3 years, and now they are bringing it to the streets.

I wonder what percent of the "99%" realize that even the relatively poor in this country are very well of compared to most on Earth and that our prosperous political/economic equilibrium is not to be taken for granted. The "1%" are the goose that lays golden eggs and the occupy movement wants to kill it. This might make a good t-shirt.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally some blame on the borrowers

Mary Meeker On #OccupyWallStreet: “People Deserve To Be A Little Angry.” | TechCrunch:

This is the first time that I have seen someone publicly blame the borrowers for accepting poor mortgage terms at sizes they were not able to afford.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So what are qualifications for a protester

Occupy Wall Street kitchen slowdown targets squatters -

This is sounding more like a frat party.

NCAA, cut the student athlete BS and pay the kids

NBA's top draft pick heads back to class - CBS News: "Only 25 percent of the NBA's 450 players have received their college degree."

Maybe the Bull's

Iverson wants last shot at NBA - NBA - Yahoo! Sports:

I know it's a big risk to their chemistry, but their current offence is basically give the ball to D Rose and let him create, which is what AI does so well. If AI is willing to settle for 15 maniacal minutes per game, he could increase Rose's productivity by providing some rest. Also, both could play together on the floor because Rose has the height and strength to guard most 2 guards. Finally, if AI is willing to be 2nd fiddle to anyone, the reigning MVP is likely it. AI might even be able to start, as the 2 is the one spot on the bulls that is not locked up by a top notch player, 3=Deng, 4=Boozer, and 5=Noah.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Very cool tech

Crazy Nokia Kinetic Concept Does The Twist | TechCrunch:

This would likely be a fun gaming control also.

An easy promise to make

Wal-Mart to Close New York Apparel Office - Bloomberg: "The company will try to find jobs for all the displaced employees in Bentonville, Tovar said. He didn’t say how many are expected to make the move."

How many people are going to be moving from Manhattan to Bentonville? Uh, zero.

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Even with Jobs gone Apple is still a sack of dicks and we are almost borg

Man gets smartphone dock built into prosthetic arm - Telegraph: "Trevor contacted Apple to try and get hold of a blank iPhone casing to test it out, but he said the communications giant refused to co-operate."

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Class warfare/popularism anyone

These were the top two articles on google news. Obama is clearly trying to excite is base for the campaign.

Obama moves to ease student loan burdens - 44 - The Washington Post:
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

When will dictators strike hiding in a hole from their list of tricks?

Gaddafi killed as Libya's revolt claims hometown | Reuters: "An anti-Gaddafi fighter said Gaddafi had been found hiding in a hole in the ground and had said "Don't shoot, don't shoot" to the men who grabbed him."

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lawsuits about anything--NBA Edition

Memphis May Sue NBA Over Lost Games - Businessweek:

How about suing the players too. Are you able sue a musician for cancelling a scheduled concert?

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Go GMU--the preeminent Econ/Basketball factory

Now we need to have a field in sports statistics. GMU econ is know for being unique, so why not. Bring back John Charles Bradbury (my classmate) to teach sabermetrics etc. (No he did not endorse this statement, but he's a good and bright guy.)

Hewitt ratchets up expectations at George Mason - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News:

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gotta see

Sandwich Envy « Not Me

I think food I cook tastes better for two reasons:
1. Less sanitation fear.
2. The desire for it to be good because it is my creation.

That I tailor what I cook to my tastes likely helps the match between what I want and what I get. Plus I use better ingredients than most restaurants I can afford.

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Cloud file sync becoming a commodity

Both dropbox and sugarsync do about the same things. But sugarsync is newer, cheaper, and impacts ones current workflow less because it does not require putting all folders to be synced in a single dropbox folder. Just tag what you want. They raised $26.5 million in capital. Is dropbox still worth a $billion? NOT!!! Bitcasa is about to leapfrog these two.

Sync Files Across PC, Mac and Mobile Phone: Remote File Access and Perform Backup - SugarSync:

Watch this

Rational Irrationality: Top Ten Unlikely Occupy Wall Street Supporters : The New Yorker

How many of these people other than Alec Baldwin would actually agree with the giving the protesters specifically what they are asking for policy wise? Any self serving guilty party is going to try to deflect anger by making a superficial, non-committal sound bite making it appear that they agree with the mob. Let some other CEO be the lightning rod. What public figures say in public often means little about what they actually think.

Rational Irrationality: Top Ten Unlikely Occupy Wall Street Supporters : The New Yorker:

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy this site, not Wall Street

Yes, if you want a job, then here is a good place to start.

Web Design Community Treehouse Raises $600K From Reid Hoffman, Kevin Rose, And Others | TechCrunch:

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We be borg

Definitely watch this. Coolest tech I've seen in a while. I'm guessing this will eventually be available on a headband, included in eyeglasses, or as a chain pendant.

CMU Researchers Turn Any Surface Into A Touchscreen | TechCrunch:

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting off the grid is getting a lot toughter

And the grid is becoming much more insidious. Might a Facebook Identity become mandatory for much of life as it is required to use some services such at

Facebook is going to become an Orwellian nightmare.

Are Facebook ID Cards In Our Future? | TechCrunch:

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Friday, October 14, 2011

MJ has staying power, wow!

Adidas Faces Basketball Hit As NBA Dispute Drags On | Fox News: ""I can't imagine the lockout will impact Jordan sales in any way at all," said Powell, referring to the Nike brand based around former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan that makes some $1 billion in sales annually."

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Beware of clergy

Bishop charged with not alerting police on porn - US news - Crime & courts -

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

No More Servants - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic

A key point is that the average unemployed person is precisely the type a wealthy person does not want to monitor in their home. In addition, the idea of people "knowing their place" is likely dead, surely among gen X and later. Who wants an uppity entitled servant? The best servant is not noticed but just makes your life easier. While in India I was amazed at the number of servants. One person I met while getting dressed would just sit down for his shoes to be placed, hold out his wrist for the watch, and his other hand for his sunglasses. No please; not thank you. Most Americans I think are not comfortable with this degree of inequality in a relationship. Most of us thank people who help us, even if it is within their job description. But, thanking constantly reduces the time savings of a servant doing simple tasks such as handing one their sunglasses.

No More Servants - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic:

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Thank god the police are solving important problems

Sex party raided at Mummers club in Philadelphia - The York Daily Record:

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Finally something concrete and many objectives are shockingly sane. The implementation of many would be near impossible, but despite my negative appraisal of the protesters I must admit this list could be a lot worse.

1. On reinstating Glase -Steagall: I'm not an expert, but the division between investment banking and and commercial banks might impose risk limits and less moral hazard.

2. I agree that white collar criminals get off way to easy. Caught with a rock crack and spend years; caught bilking millions and get a suspended sentence.

3. Limiting corporate money in elections is also complicated with the First Amendment inconvenience. I also wish to do away with crony capitalism, but am not sure limiting election funding is the way. Maybe a daily sweetheart deal that is widely distributed and always embarrassing. Light might disinfect.

4. Soak the rich: I think many of the unintended consequences are true: less money to invest, lower rates of investment, lower motivation to work hard, bitterness of those who might work hard, etc.

5. Revamp SEC: How? Fire everyone? No longer support the public sector union? Pay private sector wages? Eliminate regulatory capture? Dream on. I wish they could do better, but...

6. Limitting Lobbyest's influence. Great, but good luck.

7. Lobbyists' revolving door: I'm in favor of elimination, but how?

8. Corporate person status: I'm not an expert, but I find this unlikely to be a major problem I think big business would be almost unfeasible without limited liability of shareholders and managers. I'm also pretty sure we want big businesses.

PROPOSED LIST OF DEMANDS (please help edit/add so this can be submitted for consideration to those maintaining the official list) | Forum:

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Cultural relativism anyone?

Emily Dugan: 'Bridenapping' - a growing hidden crime - Life & Style - NZ Herald News: "Among the Tzeltal community in Chiapas, southern Mexico, women are routinely kidnapped for marriage. Often this is by men who have failed to find a mate. It is customary for such men to go out and capture a woman with the help of their friends, take her to the mountains, rape her, and hold her there.

Once the girl's father's anger is believed to have subsided, the kidnapper will come down from the mountains with his prize and "buy" her with traditional gifts of rum."

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Occupy Haight St.

I suggest a counter protest, Occupy Haight St., where business people show up in suits and network. The kicker is that they will close their businesses for the day so that all their employees don't get paid.

In reality, I don't think this is a good idea. Business owners (or at least bright ones) try to foster an esprit de corps within the firm (think Southwest Airlines)and alienating associates with such a ploy would be costly to owners. But isn't this the object lesson, that the protesters can do so because they have so little responsibly and so little on the line. The entrepreneurs who make the country work and provide most productive jobs can't take time off to lounge around pretending to do something. I wish the protesters would just try to have a bake sale and see the opposition and bureaucratic hassle.

Wall Street protests to target NYC millionaires -

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Discover card cutting fees

I'm confused, but I like it.

We are pleased to inform you that, effective 11/06/11 we will no longer charge a Foreign Currency Fee on any international purchases made with your Discover® card. Additionally, we will no longer charge a Research Fee for any copies of billing statements or receipts that you request.

I wonder if the body parts not for sale crowd will shut this down. I hope not.

#IswabbedforAmit Offers Up 20K To Find A Bone Marrow Donor For Startup Founder Amit Gupta | TechCrunch:

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Cut the dude a break on his wedding night

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell's wedding details - Celebrity Circuit - CBS News: "Guests reportedly partied into the early hours of the morning. The Daily Mail reports that the reception sparked noise complaints from McCartney's neighbors, and that noise control officers came to the house around 1:30 a.m. to ask revelers to turn down the volume. They did, but the party continued, with Moss and Wood reportedly being the last guests to leave at 3 a.m."

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Also funny...
According to reports, McCartney's youngest daughter, 7-year-old Beatrice, served as the flower girl, while his brother was the best man. His daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, designed Shevell's ivory, knee-length wedding dress, along with her father's navy suit for the big day.

Friday, October 7, 2011


Google Reader (1000+): "But Steve Jobs was not a celebrity — at least not in the traditional sense. Sure, he was famous, but he did not seek fame. Nor did he need it. The main goal of his career was not to sell his image. He was the head of a company

Everything Jobs did was choreographed, including his celebrity. Apple products were pushed with massive ad campaigns and media events. Jobs manufactured his celebrity as much as The Donald or Ken Fisher have. That MG still believes that any of Jobs celebrity is accidental shocks me and is discrediting. Either Jobs is a master or he isn't, but if he is, it spans both tech and media. I think he is both.

Design Competition Yields Bikes Of The Future | TechCrunch

Until most people can't afford cars bike of no sort will be the preferred form of transportation. I don't own a car and don't want to. I ride a $135 Walmart bike or a Xootr or public transit almost everywhere. I'm weird. I know this. But most males who can afford cars will not forgo them for the sake that it would cost them mojo and dates. Fortunately I have a bizarre form or mojo that work and the Ferd. But, even so, prior to buying an expensive bike I would buy a car. Think of buying groceries, clothes, etc. I'm pretty agile and still completing all this without a car is a pain, which is why I rented on this weekend. bike people should realize that these bike dreams are pipe dreams.

Design Competition Yields Bikes Of The Future | TechCrunch:

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No big deal

AP: NBA won't talk without 50-50 revenue split – "Each BRI percentage point is worth about $40 million dollars, so the sides are some $120 million apart in the first year of a deal, with the union proposing 53% and the league seeking the 50-50 split."

To the extent that you own an NBA team the $4 mil a year shouldn't be such a big deal . In addition, the stars should realize that their happiness should not swing on whether they make $12-14 a year prior to endorsements. The average players career is about 5 years, so it's unfortunate that some who have surely worked hard to get to the NBA might have 20 of their career eliminated.

I wish the owners would accept that buying and owning an NBA franchise these days is a very expensive hobby and ploy for publicity, not a business in the conventional sense that one owns it to earn an economic return on investment.

In short, the people in power, the stars and the owners, have the least (happiness wise) at stake and should grow up and agree on the 50/50 focal point for 20 years. I hope they take care of the players who make dumb choices and blow their cash, just because I (somewhat irrationally) hate to see the players struggle in later life. The mail point is to come to an agreement that allows all decision makers to remain rich and allow the game we love to proceed at the highest level.

If not for Plato, Thales, Pythagoras, etc...

Would Greece have been part of the EU?

It was a basketcase then as now. I think they are living on charity for those who graced the shores millennia ago.

Slovakia unsettles Europe’s rescue plan - The Washington Post:

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm not the only one...

Steve Jobs Was Not God: "Steve Jobs was great at what he did. There's no need to further fellate the man's memory. He made good computers, he made good phones, he made good music players. He sold them well. He got obscenely rich. He enabled an entire generation of techie design fetishists to walk around with more attractive gadgets. He did not meaningfully reduce poverty, or make life-saving scientific discoveries, or end wars or heal the sick or befriend the friendless. Which is fine—most of us don't. But most of us don't provoke such cult-like lachrymosity when we pass on. When even the journalists tasked with covering you and your company are reduced to pie-eyed fans apologizing for discomforting your insanely powerful multibillion-dollar corporation in some minor way, some perspective has been lost."

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Very insightful Jobs...

Jobs: “Focus Is About Saying, No” | TechCrunch:

No, I don't have multiple personalities. I respect Jobs for his strengths and focus is surely one of them. They have very few products, but for their target market they are great. Anyone who questions that success is willfully self blinded.

Bunch of glass half empty MFrs

We Are the 99 Percent:

Watch this video and then decide who is really hurting. I've spent 7.5 months in a variety of cities in India so can tell you this is neither unusual nor extreme for the country. Nobody who has visited can in good faith feel sorry for themselves in the USA.

Obesity - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

Obesity - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia:

Kinda funny advantages:
  • You can eat people.
  • You'll never get old!!! Morbidly obese people always die young.
  • You can sit around and shed tears about your severe weight problem while you make sure those last few sticks of butter in the fridge--- ARE YOURS!
  • When you die, you will have 35-40 men carrying your coffin...LIKE A KING.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, and Job's daughter...

I don't know why, but I find the deification upon death to be annoying, maybe because it requires turning a blind eye to so much of a person.

Steve Jobs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Jobs married Laurene Powell, on March 18, 1991. Presiding over the wedding was the Zen Buddhist monk Kobun Chino Otogawa.[92] The couple have a son and two daughters.[93] Jobs also has a daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (born 1978), from his relationship with Bay Area painter Chrisann Brennan.[94] She briefly raised their daughter on welfare when Jobs denied paternity by claiming he was sterile; he later acknowledged Lisa as his daughter.[94]"

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Steve Jobs - RIP

This is worth the read

This is worth noting. Steve was a great CEO, but not particularly generous. Few have also mentioned "kindness" as one of his strong suits.

Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek magazine noted that "Jobs isn't widely known for his association with philanthropic causes", compared to Bill Gates' efforts.[90] After resuming control of Apple in 1997, Jobs eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs.[91]"

He made a lot of people happy and made a lot of money. Sorry to see him gone, though I was not a fan of Apple products because is am an anti-control freak.

Now we know what protesters want

See the comments for some examples of inconsistency.

One of my favorites is a guaranteed living wage regardless of work status and open borders so everyone can live where they want. Might most people maintain residence in NYC or SF (of course cost of living must be considered in the living wage) but vacation in Thailand or Paraguay most of the year, thereby living large? I would.

This is unlikely a stable equilibrium though as more people learn how I'm living they will copy and soon nobody will be willing to brew my beer, cook my food, or massage my feet. But, it might be a good few months until the good news (LOL) or our new lifestyle reaches the most remote or emigration restricting regions of Earth where my welfare check will still motivate others to cater to me. Next stops Myanmar and North Korea.

Proposed List Of Demands For Occupy Wall St Movement! | Forum:

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I will buy it if I see it.

Google, Dogfish Head Team Up For Worldly Beer | WebProNews:

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Monday, October 3, 2011

What are you for? Any solutions available? I know. Learn to code. Facebook is hiring.

Anti-Wall Street Protesters Reach ‘Prime Time' With Arrests - BusinessWeek: "Another challenge facing demonstrators is their lack of a focused agenda, Meyer said. As events began in Manhattan, organizers aimed to get Obama to establish a commission to end “the influence money has over our representatives in Washington,” according to the Web site of Vancouver-based Adbusters.

On the ground, protesters have been less unified, with demands that ranged from increasing taxes on Wall Street and the wealthy to ending global warming."

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The Weekend Interview with Harold Hamm: How North Dakota Became Saudi Arabia -

I think Hamm has confused what is causing the higher stable price. He says it is lower market share by the Saudis. Might is rather be less supply relative to demand. I think that the Saudis still have the capacity to impact oil prices significantly because of the low short term demand elasticity. But, Hamm is likely pretty bright so I might be wrong.

The Weekend Interview with Harold Hamm: How North Dakota Became Saudi Arabia - "One reason for the renaissance has been OPEC's erosion of market power. "For nearly 50 years in this country nobody looked for oil here and drilling was in steady decline. Every time the domestic industry picked itself up, the Saudis would open the taps and drown us with cheap oil," he recalls. "They had unlimited production capacity, and company after company would go bust."

Enlarge Image

Zina Saunders
Today OPEC's market share is falling and no longer dictates the world price. This is huge, Mr. Hamm says. "Finally we have an opportunity to go out and explore for oil and drill without fear of price collapse." When OPEC was at its peak in the 1990s, the U.S. imported about two-thirds of its oil. Now we import less than half of it, and about 40% of what we do import comes from Mexico and Canada. That's why Mr. Hamm thinks North America can achieve oil independence."

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Google's excellent yet semi stealth hotel finder

Hotel pricing on a map

Controlling the default map interface is the bridge between connecting the virtual world and the physical world. For pre-planned purchases the key is the desktop/laptop and for impulse purchases the key is mobile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm now in St. Petersburg

This is from my midnight trip to Walmart

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Economy Like a little kid

Which kid is more likely to die, the one kept safe in a bubble or the one who learns his lessons, iterates on experience by taking minor and not so minor falls throughout childhood.  I took plenty of falls and am still here. Bones, trees, muscles, species, etc are also strengthened by stress.  To the extent that we perceive economies as evolving systems, allowing learning though failure likely increases the probability of survival.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chase Bank provides evidence of very low or negative interest rates

According to the message below the do not want more deposits; holding ones money is now a service that is used to attract fee paying customers, mortgage seekers, and and investors.

Dear Chase Customer:
You are receiving this message because you are enrolled in Chase QuickDepositSM. We are increasing the deposit limits for this service effective October 2, 2011.
As a consumer or business customer, you can deposit as much as $2,000 on any day and as much as $5,000 over any thirty (30) day period.
We updated the Chase QuickDeposit Service Agreement (Single Check Deposit) to reflect this information. Your continued use of the Online Services acknowledges your agreement to the amendment. The updated agreement will be available online on October 2, 2011. You can review the latest agreement anytime by logging on and clicking the "Legal Agreements and Disclosures" link at the bottom of any page.
We appreciate your business and look forward to serving all of your financial needs. Please call us at 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372) if you have any questions.
William S. Sheley
Senior Vice President
Chase Online Banking

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super cool--Mouse Without Borders

At least Berlusconi has good taste

Clinton was embarrassing because he did mediocre women.  The Big B hits 10 after 10.

Marysthell Polanco
Graziana Capone
Belen Rodriguez

'There were 11 of them. I only managed to do eight of them, I couldn't manage any more. You just can't get round to all of them. But this morning I feel great, I'm pleased with my stamina.''
''Oh, to pass the days with my babes. I'm just the Prime Minister in my spare time,'' he allegedly said in one conversation.

Read more:

He is quite a sleazy guy.  

“Because now I want that you have yours, otherwise I will always feel I am in your debt. Then we can trade. After all, the pussy needs to go around.”

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Axes don't kill people, people kill people

I wonder if China is going to enact axe control laws or maybe institute background checks.  But seriously, this does show that if one wants to kill a gun is not required but is merely convenient.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Bruno Frey

The amazing thing to me is that the pauperisms are only revealed now.  Many are almost 20 years old.  It just shows how low the readership is across journals, that readers don't care to report, that readers are afraid to report, or that journals don't follow up on reports.  Bottom line, the incentives in publishing a messed up.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nivea Ad - after Ferd got done with adding the KKK hood

Ferd is my lovely girlfriends nick name.  I like it because it is easy to say and so unfitting so ironic.  She was not offended by the original ad, but many people were and she took advantage of the opportunity to make a joke.  Ferd is on the swing.  Here is a link to an article about the ad.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The price of fame: Jersey Shore Style

How Much Does the Jersey Shore Cast Make? - Jersey Shore: In addition to what they get paid per ep, the Jersey Shore kids are able to charge more for their side business ventures due to their increasing popularity. Pauly D makes up to $80,000 a week DJing, with as much as $40,000 being asked per gig. Snooki rakes in up to $20,000 for red carpet appearances, and was even paid $11,000 to show up for two hours at a relatively modest New Jersey tanning salon. The Situation, the brand, proved to be a multi-million dollar business in 2010, and Mike, who also made some cash for his few weeks as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars this year (about $135,000), hopes to hit the one billion mark by the end of 2011.

I can't imagine the pain of having to be sober in one of the places these goof balls is paid to be.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How much to diversify and when?

Notice: I have done no research for this post.

The concept of diversification is comon on the context of capital markets.  My friends and I often quip, "Good thing you have so many kids."  How much one should diversify and what determines the opimal amount of diversification is topic of which I am not familiar.  It came to my mind as I took a crap after 4 beers thinking that my girlfriend and I were unusually mobile because all of our friends are long distance.  We loose no camaraderie if we move, other than time zone effects.  Maybe this lowers our mean happiness wherever we are.  But, the freedom is great.

How many friends should one have?
Where should they be?

How many kids should one have?
With how many women?
In how many different places, in how many countries, of how many races?

Maybe I'll come back to this...I wish I was back in grad school.  I can only imagine the enjoyment of working with my committee of Tyler Cowen, Gordon Tullock, Roger Congleton, Ron Heiner, and James Sanford (Psych) on this.  Those were the good old days.

Model of production that creates unemployment even with flexible wages

From the comments, on nominal wage stickiness — Marginal Revolution

In many businesses workers below a given quality are worse than no workers at all. For example, our software developers all have between 13 and 20 years experience meaning that they all move fast with few errors. Adding anyone less good to the team would slow them down (according to them) because teaching the methodologies, tools, etc. and communicating would consume more time than offloading the work would save, especially considering the additional errors that are expected from the new guy. All of the workers productivity is multiplicatively not additively associated. It's like a Nash production function or similar to a O-Ring theory of production.

Another example is in sale. If a lead costs $100 to generate and sale is worth $100,000 in contribution margin, then a marginally better sales person is worth a lot of money and a poor sales person is worthless. Maybe better to save the money generating marginal leads.

Complementary high stakes activities lead to high wages for a few and no spot for many.

One solution to this problem is to facilitate hiring of the less employable in low complementarity low risk jobs. But even in a Hotel with a global brand the maid can damage the reputation of the hotel, so those with a criminal record are unsuitable. Maybe brands for being shoddy but cheep fulfillment of mundane tasks will arise. Think "Pretty Good Gardeners" with the slogan "When picking up most of the leaves is good enough".

Dementia May Be Prevented By Moderate Drinking | ThirdAge

Dementia May Be Prevented By Moderate Drinking | ThirdAge

Now we have another excuse to drink.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Funny for only a moment

Gerard Depardieu Relieves Himself In Front of Airplane Passengers - OK! Magazine - The First for Celebrity News

Actually a dick move (pun intended) because it made everyone else late.

Grade redistribution analogy goes further than expected

College Students in Favor of Wealth Distribution Are Asked to Pass Their Grade Points to Other Students -

Grades and wealth share many attributes. Individuals are born with varying aptitudes for acquiring each, but effort augments these other aptitudes (Is the ability to apply focused effort a partially innate aptitude? I think so.) The inputs provided by parents can also matter a good deal. A major difference is that there are very few "grade trust funds". One must actually show up to class, but legacy considerations at elite schools might be the closest thing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Reader (1000+)

Google Reader (1000+): "How big? Today, 60% of all videos go live in under one minute — a year ago, no videos were being processed that quickly."

And progress continues behind the scenes in ways most of us cannot comprehend.

Only 50 docs per user on

Google Reader (1000+): "Box, which has 6 million users and stores 300 million documents, is a cloud storage platform for the enterprise that comes with collaboration, social and mobile functionality."

That seems like a small number. I have many thousands of files in dropbox. I wonder if this lack of user intensity makes their offering less sticky than they would hope.  My guess that many of their corporate deals include many people who do not and never will use their system, but the headcount helps their vanity stats.

The un-surprise of the year

Facebook Offers Court 'Smoking Gun' Against Paul Ceglia - Forbes

Did this thief actually think that his fraudulent docs would pass multi-billion dollar scrutiny?  I think he falls into the category of not knowing what he doesn't know.  Maybe he should watch more crime scene and forensics type shows.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sushi study finds deception - Even fish is mostly marketing

Sushi study finds deception - The New York Times

I wonder how often wine is mislabeled? I marvel at the number of bottles and the range of prices in the grocery store, despite the movies such as Wine for the Confused with John Cleese show how most people can't tell the difference between two buck chuck and $100 Bordeaux, but they still pay $20 for a bottle to take to someones house so not be appear cheap.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gender Tests Create Controversy - WDAF

Gender Tests Create Controversy - WDAF: "New research says a blood test that determines a fetus' sex is incredibly accurate. In some cases, it can be close to perfect."

In almost all cases isn't the test either exactly right or exactly wrong?

It Pays to Be Fat | Dollars and Sex | Big Think

It Pays to Be Fat | Dollars and Sex | Big Think: "So, there you have it. A new cause for public outcry – slender, single women are under-rewarded in their employment."

Conclusion does not follow form article, because the idea is that thin, attractive women are less skilled and all are earning in approximate proportion to their marginal products.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I don't do social networking online exhibit n

Anonymous Vows to 'Destroy' Facebook on Nov. 5 | News & Opinion | "'Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause,' reads the release, a full copy of which plus a video version is published below. Facebook, which 'knows more about you than your family,' according to the press release, 'has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world.'"

The interesting strategy of Anonymous is that they are showing that hackers can do what Facebook is already doing to a large extent. But if profit maximizing hackers or social terrorists got access to Facebooks data, what would happen?

How do you like my girlfriends sexray?

She reluctently let me post the pic, but I begged because I think its so funny.  Click to enlarge for a better view.

Here is her competition.

Monday, August 8, 2011

S&P downgrade

The Best Summary of the S&P Downgrade -

This might provide the greatest example of brand recognition over logic. S&P got the mortgage crisis wrong, but now they pass judgement on the national debt and some of hell breaks loose.

I think it is a wise strategic maneuver for the company to re-establish credibility by moving the markets and appearing prescient. They and we hope it doesn't work too well.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

How do such people wipe?

Heavy Duty, Adjustable Toilet Seat Can Hold 1,000 Pounds

Steve Perlman's Wireless Fix - BusinessWeek

Steve Perlman's Wireless Fix - BusinessWeek: "“That’s my kind of company,” Perlman says. “That is what Silicon Valley is like for those of us that work all night long. It’s crappy offices. It’s borrowed spaces. Welcome to my world.”"

New death tax

Why are we in this debt fix? It’s the elderly, stupid. - The Washington Post

Many elderly who get Medicare and SS have investment accounts and home equity that is then passed to their heirs. I suggest as a way out of a dire situation that we keep track of how much people are paid by these systems and the collect it after death. Problems are that the money might be spent or given away more frequently, likely true, but restrictions could make it more difficult and people often don't want to be broke so will hold on to their wealth until death as a form of insurance.

Arab aesthetic???

The most beautiful female goat in the world – Boing Boing

Maybe they actually think burkas are sexy if they think this goat is beautiful. I previously wrote that forcing women to wear burkas theirby keeping their relative attractiveness known only to a few reduced competition for the beauties from young attractive men with power thereby making it easier for the older, less attractive men with power to skim the creme. Guess I was wrong.

One have to wonder what is going on in the minds of these gawking men. Yuck!!!

An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage -

An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage -

I've dated many black women and so know all about weaves, sew-ins, micros, etc. Hip hop has been my favorite genre since Run DMC, LL, and PE. Because of this cultural familiarity the burden of stepping outside their race is reduced with me, even for black women who have never dated a white man. And no, I do not affect any hip hop fashion or speak ebonics. My understanding from discussions with women I've dated is that most consider wiggers in most cases inauthentic and trying to hard.

One issue that I think the book might discuss, but is beyond the focus of this article is the significant portion of black women who will not date black men. Yes, I have benefited from the fact that many black men have abandoned their daughters and their daughters have accordingly responded with an aversion to anyone who reminds them of their father. I do not.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Satirical Mints Poking Fun at President Obama Yanked From Tennessee Bookstore -

Satirical Mints Poking Fun at President Obama Yanked From Tennessee Bookstore - "“Let me make very clear, there is no candy exception to the First Amendment,” Glenn Reynolds, a constitutional law professor, told the newspaper. "

Obama, if asked, should say that he believe in the first amendment and that political pressure should not determine the candy sold in campus stores.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do exogenous increases in the # of children lower child quality? — Marginal Revolution

Do exogenous increases in the # of children lower child quality? — Marginal Revolution

Another, slightly different, interpretation is that parents want to invest in children until the expected marginal return is very low and parents are risk averse, meaning that parents on average over-invest as a form of insurance on the undiversified portfolio. The insurance does not noticeably affect the mean outcome, but could reduce the risk of bad outcomes enough that individual parents rationally buy the insurance of over-investing in their children from a societal point of view. Society cares about the mean the parent cares about their own.

Cuba Prepares for Private Property -

Cuba Prepares for Private Property - "There is even a question of how buyers and sellers will come together. Classified listings are illegal in Cuba, which explains why brokers like José, known as corredores, spend their days moving through open air bazaars with notebooks listing apartments offered or desired."

Craigslist anyone?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Good quote on committees

i would rather deal with a tyrant any day over a committee. Committees are as a general rule aren't willing to take chances, which is why you have a committee in the first place, so you can share the blame.

Hal Riney

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just to be clear: Anything done on the grid is public forever

If your somewhere you don't want the world to know about, take your battery out of you phone long before you get there.  Don't email things you don't want in the open.  Assume every credit card purchase can be used against you.  Buy too much ice cream and watch your health insurance premiums rise.  Imagine a two price system: untrackable cash and trackable credit where the cash price is higher because the tracking information from credit purchases is resold to health insurance companies (saturated and trans fats), car insurance companies (alcohol), advertisers (everything).  To some extent we already have this with cash back credit cards, but how high might the % climb.  I get 2%.  You?

Rape Van

This is my girlfriends submission to White Trash Repairs.  Pretty funny.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blacks have bad credit-LOL

Update on the credit rating agency vigilantes — Marginal Revolution

Just a joke, but it is funny. Watch this video for context.

Atheist Group Wants 9/11 Cross Removed from Museum | NBC New York

Atheist Group Wants 9/11 Cross Removed from Museum | NBC New York

The cross is obviously associated with Christianity. How about put a star of David, Buddha, Ganesha, and a capital A for other groups? What to put for the Muslims who died in the attack. I doubt they asked to be killed.

It's not a big deal to me, but I think if a cross is show that other groups deserve their symbols to be present also.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Netflix ironically pressing cord cutting with a price increase?

Ouch: The Netflix Price Change Hangover | TechCrunch

Netflix is not sooooo cheap anymore. Do people now ask themselves, "What would I rather have: Cable and $20 extra bucks each month; or Netflix and $100 extra bucks each month?

Many might say, "Keep Netflix" Netflix is not a Giffen good, but the same sort of logic applies. Increase the price of the lower priced (also lower quality) product and people buy less of the higher priced (also higher quality) substitute.  If Netflix popularizes cord cutting more people will become educated regarding its advantages by visiting the homes of those with cut cords.

Motif investing is a dumb idea

Former Microsoft Exec Raises $20 Million For Motif, An Investment Vehicle For Ideas | TechCrunch

Who are the people (other than the owners) who can benefit from Motif's service? That few people who can predict the future of economically influential outcomes yet are to ignorant to know how to bet on these outcomes. Another complication is that successful trading involves guessing how your expectations are different from the expectations that others have priced into the market. Motif is offering to do the easy stuff for a fee and leave the hard stuff to the people who can't do the easy stuff. Reminds me of FX and option trading brokers who train you how to beet the market, but who are instead talking to a bunch of middle aged mechanics and housewives teaching them how to make millions. Yes it is preposterous and yes it happens all the time. Think or Swim is an example.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Pastafarian': Why is this dumber than worshiping a 2000 year old zombie?

'Pastafarian' wins right to wear pasta strainer for driving licence: "Pastafarians claim the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but, because the monster was inebriated at the time, it was a flawed design."

I joke about naming my son ward

Of the state, that is.

New Zealand bans weird baby names – Global Public Square - Blogs: "In 2008, New Zealand’s names registrar drew international attention when it approved such non-traditional names as Benson and Hedges for a set of twins, as well as the boys names of Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter."

‘The Other Barack’ what if he were born twenty years later?

Book review: ‘The Other Barack’ by Sally H. Jacobs - The Washington Post

Would Harvard have cared who he was dating?

Would he have become a sexually exploitative American professor?

Sad to see how brilliance is derailed by booze and babes. I'm not so brilliant, but might accomplish more without these distractions, but on the other hand might not have the motivation to accomplish much without their allure.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice government

A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police - "'It was crazy,' says Ali Shekouri, a 32-year-old businessman who pursued three dicey strategies before obtaining a local beagle. 'After a while I didn't know if I was buying a dog or dealing in an international drug trade.'"

Oh, but ours puts people in jail for pot related crimes. I guess theirs not too much we can say.

Nice government

A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police - "'It was crazy,' says Ali Shekouri, a 32-year-old businessman who pursued three dicey strategies before obtaining a local beagle. 'After a while I didn't know if I was buying a dog or dealing in an international drug trade.'"

Oh, but ours puts people in jail for pot related crimes. I guess theirs not too much we can say.

I am Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm

All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm : Discovery News: "They determined some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage."

If the "non-African" were switched to "African" would there be an uproar?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modern Inquisition

Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death Could Be Executed if He Doesn’t Recant, Says Verdict -

Recant, go free, worship as you wish, make them capture you again. Or, just die. To me the decision is easy, but I'm not a believer.

Just what you'd expect to hear from a health nut, but...

Paid to eat: woman fattens up bank balance by scoffing food online: "Ms Simpson said she could cook for herself. 'I like to cook at home,' she said. 'I don't go out a whole lot. There's a lot of salt in food from restaurants.'"

But does 80% effectiveness increase total transmition

Who Should Get Pills To Prevent HIV? : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

Maybe with a lower chance of contracting HIV people have sex more often and with more people thereby accelerating the spread of HIV.

Take the use of a daily prevention pill for uninfected sexually active heterosexuals, the population hardest-hit by HIV globally.

This is true on a total number of cases basis, but not true relative to the percentage of population affected. In which population the per pill effect is greatest is not a simple problem. For example, if a population has either 0 percent or 100 percent infection, the drugs do not impact the spread, but in the 100 percent infected population do affect the heath. At what percent infection, what frequency of sex, what transmission rate, is the spread minimized? Are members of all populations valued equally? What is each groups political influence?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miami Beach mayor has a funny career path

Miami Beach mayor equates duties to job as a dental assistant - Miami Beach -

Four years ago, Bower added to her growing but modest $15,700 pension by purchasing two years of outside service credit from the city based on her previous job as a dental assistant.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Irvin I respect more that I would expect to

Michael Irvin appears on cover of gay magazine |

"I don't see how any African-American, with any inkling of history, can say that you don't have the right to live your life how you want to live your life," he said.

Dwyane Wade and KFC pretty funny

Dwyane Wade: KFC says NBA star would be welcomed back -

KFC U.S. general manager John Cywinski says that the company has always been proud to call Wade a former employee and looks to hire people with his skills like "teamwork and the ability to make buckets in a hurry."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pro and con on circumcision - contrast the forms of argument

Pro and con on circumcision -

Con: Philosophical human rights argument with no citations. Primarily emotional.

Pro: Medical cost benefit analysis with citations. Primarily logical.

If/when I have a son I will likely have him circumcised like myself, simply because I have no complaints. But, If a vast majority are not, then I will just want him to "fit in" (put intended" and will not have it done.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cool metal carving machine video

5 Axis Robot Carves Metal Like Butter (Video) | Singularity Hub

Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry: Pardon him Obama

Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry: "he didn't expect school officials to call a bomb squad or that he'd be facing up to eight years in prison and a possible felony record."

So his life might be essentially ruined because school officials overreact. Ridiculous. Obama should pardon the kid.

I just notified the Whitehouse of the situation and asked Obama to pardon him.  Please sign this online petition and contact Obama via this link.

I'm a bit hyper about this and bought the domain which now forwards to the online petition.  Please spread the word. I'll submit it to Obama when the pace of signatures slows and/or when there are enough to look impressive.

I just saw that there is which is obviously far more significant than my effort, but I did not see that they mention seeking a pardon, so I'll keep up my effort.

Innovations everywhere: Wood burning stove

I love how something so unexciting can be improved dramatically using technology that has been available for decades. Innovation is available all around.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google are spead and screen efficiency freaks but...

Here is a simple instance in which they might save some resources and screen space.

Every time I send an email I get a message Your message has been sentInvite James Michaels to Gmail.

If James email is served from Gmail, do I need this message to invite him?  Don't they know that he is a Gmail user?

Healthy players not a win win?

Peyton Manning of Indianapolis Colts in limbo without team therapist - ESPN: "While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated he still expects to discipline players who violate the league's personal conduct policy during the lockout, the league has cut off health-care benefits and imposed strict limits on communication between clubs and injured players."

Of course both the NFL and the players want the players to be healthy, but apparently the league thinks it productive to apply leverage on the players by potentially slowing their recoveries. Why does the health of a player place more pressure on the player than the league?

1. The financial surplus related to that players health is greater for the player than the league.
2. The player cares about his health for more than just financial reasons, the league might give half a shit.
3. The league has a diversified portfolio of players but each players income depends on the health of a single body.
4. The league has a lower discount rate than players, whose average career remaining is only a few years. So the players are in a bigger hurry to get health than the league is to get them healthy.

But, both league and players are better off with healthy players. It's revealing that withholding rehabilitation is the best leverage that the league has indicating the lack of leverage they must think that they have, which is surprising considering 4. from above.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How about a charity concert by Willie Nelson?

Judge Crushes Plea Deal in Willie Nelson Pot Case |

Does anyone thing that putting him in jail is going to do any good?

It will cost the government to put him there and lose tax revenue from lost tour dates and recording.

Let the guy be.

Cops suck, not funny update

Aunt: ATV crash a nightmare - Miami Beach - "Gutierrez failed a breathalyzer test, according to Mayor Matti Herrera Bower. Witnesses said both officers had been at the Clevelander Hotel."

“Details make a big difference, [but] there’s no doubt he’s going to get charged with DUI or causing serious injury,” said Daniel Lurvey, an attorney with Lyons and Lurvey who practices criminal law.

If Kuilan is found to have been drinking, he will face a felony charge. If there’s no alcohol found in his blood, he may face charges of reckless driving or culpable negligence.

Family and friends say they are worried that the officers may not be held accountable.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is the proper ratio of help for the dead versus the unborn?

Illinois Could Drastically Cut Burials For The Poor, Pastors Protest

As one who does not care what happens to my body after death, though I joke about wanting it distilled, that the state pays for burials and funerals appears silly. Wouldn't we be better off taking care of the living? But since only the living can vote, apparently many of the living care more about the dead than the living or at least more about how caring for the dead make the living feel relative to caring for the living. After all, the dead can't care for themselves, but the living can. But don't the responsible dead plan for their demise while still living?

Can Groupon continue to be funny?

Can Groupon Build a $20 Billion Business on Weird Jokes? - Jeff Bercovici - Mixed Media - Forbes: "Take the example of a Groupon write-up that mentioned that hummingbirds come from cocoons. A reader wrote to Groupon customer service to point out that hummingbirds don’t actually come from cocoons. A Groupon rep wrote back: “Thanks for your email and I’m sorry for any confusion. Hummingbirds do come from cocoons.” The frustrated reader reached out to Ross Hawkins, executive director of the Hummingbird Society, who wrote an e-mail to the reader and to Groupon saying, “Hummingbirds are birds, not insects. They come from eggs.”

The Groupon rep in turn produced a Photoshopped National Geographic cover showing a hummingbird emerging from a cocoon. The e-mails continued escalating until Hawkins bowed out in frustration. Groupon’s final message to the customer was this: “We appreciate your feedback, but we will have to agree to disagree.”"

Not so funny update on police sucking

2 Miami Beach officers slated to lose jobs over ATV crash - Miami Beach - "For Almonte’s family, outrage doesn’t go far enough. “Fired is not enough,” said Almonte’s brother, Isramil Almonte, 31. “Why are they still roaming around free?”"

The cops are to be fired, they say. I wouldn't be surprised if after further investigation the merely get a suspension.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Humility and self awareness

Mistake | WTF Tattoos

Probably the most well balanced individual of the bunch.

No beard or harry chest on this dolphin, but should be.

Flipper | WTF Tattoos

I'm here to pick up your daughter....

Gucci Man returns | WTF Tattoos

How do you spell classy?

Return of the Louis Vuitton print | WTF Tattoos

Clean Funny Pictures, Photos and Jokes TENSIONNOT.COM

Clean Funny Pictures, Photos and Jokes TENSIONNOT.COM

What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes | World news | The Guardian

What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes | World news | The Guardian: "The proposal would initially result in an increase in cigarette prices, said Fridleifsdottir, of '10% per year, in line with World Health Organisation proposals – evidence shows that a 10% increase results in a 4-8% reduction in consumption'.

But by the end of the 10-year plan, prescription-only cigarettes should actually be cheaper than ever, according to Thorarinn Gudnason, president of the Icelandic Society of Cardiology, who helped draw up the proposal.

'Under our plan, smokers who are given prescriptions will be diagnosed as addicts, and we don't think the government should tax addicts.'"

Funny that they apparently don't think that addicts are addicts until you call them addicts. What percent of cigarettes are sold to non-addicts?

The next cosmetic surgery?

Penis Size Linked to Finger Length - ABC News

Yes doc, I'd like to have a longer ring finger...

Too cool

Wingardium Leviosa: This Rotocopter Is Controlled By The Kinect

Next step, is putting the sensors on the copter so it can either follow like a dog or you can control relative to your position while moving.

On Cowen's The Great Stagnation

Tim Jackson | Prosperity Without Growth - Politics Without Creativity Is Not Political | The European Magazine

I'm not so convinced that the low hanging fruit is gone, except is the tautological sense that the lowest is picked first. Think of the great inventions: printing press, internal combustion engine, car, penicillin, double entry accounting, airplane, telephone. All but penicillin reduced the importance of distance or the transmission of information, themselves similar. The Internet does this in spades. I have less disposable income than at any time since high school. Sad, yes. But, I consume far more voice calls, news services, movies, instructional videos, email, etc than ever. My expenditures are minimal but my consumption is massive. The low hanging fruit might not be in making more, but in cheaply distributing what is already made, which might not add much to GDP while adding a lot to happiness. Netflix has plenty of great content streaming for under $10 a month. For $15 I get about 12 discs plus the streaming. I used to rent from Blockbuster for $5 a movie. Sounds like a expensive inconvenient joke now. Skype has the same sort of effect. 10 years ago video calling for free was a fantasy. Now, common. Impact on GDP, negative. Impact on happiness, positive. Email, ebooks, online porn, all the same negative impact on GDP and positive impact on happiness. Invisible bushels of fruit are all around.