Friday, October 7, 2011

No big deal

AP: NBA won't talk without 50-50 revenue split – "Each BRI percentage point is worth about $40 million dollars, so the sides are some $120 million apart in the first year of a deal, with the union proposing 53% and the league seeking the 50-50 split."

To the extent that you own an NBA team the $4 mil a year shouldn't be such a big deal . In addition, the stars should realize that their happiness should not swing on whether they make $12-14 a year prior to endorsements. The average players career is about 5 years, so it's unfortunate that some who have surely worked hard to get to the NBA might have 20 of their career eliminated.

I wish the owners would accept that buying and owning an NBA franchise these days is a very expensive hobby and ploy for publicity, not a business in the conventional sense that one owns it to earn an economic return on investment.

In short, the people in power, the stars and the owners, have the least (happiness wise) at stake and should grow up and agree on the 50/50 focal point for 20 years. I hope they take care of the players who make dumb choices and blow their cash, just because I (somewhat irrationally) hate to see the players struggle in later life. The mail point is to come to an agreement that allows all decision makers to remain rich and allow the game we love to proceed at the highest level.

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