Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just to be clear: Anything done on the grid is public forever

If your somewhere you don't want the world to know about, take your battery out of you phone long before you get there.  Don't email things you don't want in the open.  Assume every credit card purchase can be used against you.  Buy too much ice cream and watch your health insurance premiums rise.  Imagine a two price system: untrackable cash and trackable credit where the cash price is higher because the tracking information from credit purchases is resold to health insurance companies (saturated and trans fats), car insurance companies (alcohol), advertisers (everything).  To some extent we already have this with cash back credit cards, but how high might the % climb.  I get 2%.  You?

Rape Van

This is my girlfriends submission to White Trash Repairs.  Pretty funny.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blacks have bad credit-LOL

Update on the credit rating agency vigilantes — Marginal Revolution

Just a joke, but it is funny. Watch this video for context.

Atheist Group Wants 9/11 Cross Removed from Museum | NBC New York

Atheist Group Wants 9/11 Cross Removed from Museum | NBC New York

The cross is obviously associated with Christianity. How about put a star of David, Buddha, Ganesha, and a capital A for other groups? What to put for the Muslims who died in the attack. I doubt they asked to be killed.

It's not a big deal to me, but I think if a cross is show that other groups deserve their symbols to be present also.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Netflix ironically pressing cord cutting with a price increase?

Ouch: The Netflix Price Change Hangover | TechCrunch

Netflix is not sooooo cheap anymore. Do people now ask themselves, "What would I rather have: Cable and $20 extra bucks each month; or Netflix and $100 extra bucks each month?

Many might say, "Keep Netflix" Netflix is not a Giffen good, but the same sort of logic applies. Increase the price of the lower priced (also lower quality) product and people buy less of the higher priced (also higher quality) substitute.  If Netflix popularizes cord cutting more people will become educated regarding its advantages by visiting the homes of those with cut cords.

Motif investing is a dumb idea

Former Microsoft Exec Raises $20 Million For Motif, An Investment Vehicle For Ideas | TechCrunch

Who are the people (other than the owners) who can benefit from Motif's service? That few people who can predict the future of economically influential outcomes yet are to ignorant to know how to bet on these outcomes. Another complication is that successful trading involves guessing how your expectations are different from the expectations that others have priced into the market. Motif is offering to do the easy stuff for a fee and leave the hard stuff to the people who can't do the easy stuff. Reminds me of FX and option trading brokers who train you how to beet the market, but who are instead talking to a bunch of middle aged mechanics and housewives teaching them how to make millions. Yes it is preposterous and yes it happens all the time. Think or Swim is an example.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'Pastafarian': Why is this dumber than worshiping a 2000 year old zombie?

'Pastafarian' wins right to wear pasta strainer for driving licence: "Pastafarians claim the world was created by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but, because the monster was inebriated at the time, it was a flawed design."

I joke about naming my son ward

Of the state, that is.

New Zealand bans weird baby names – Global Public Square - Blogs: "In 2008, New Zealand’s names registrar drew international attention when it approved such non-traditional names as Benson and Hedges for a set of twins, as well as the boys names of Violence and Number 16 Bus Shelter."

‘The Other Barack’ what if he were born twenty years later?

Book review: ‘The Other Barack’ by Sally H. Jacobs - The Washington Post

Would Harvard have cared who he was dating?

Would he have become a sexually exploitative American professor?

Sad to see how brilliance is derailed by booze and babes. I'm not so brilliant, but might accomplish more without these distractions, but on the other hand might not have the motivation to accomplish much without their allure.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nice government

A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police - "'It was crazy,' says Ali Shekouri, a 32-year-old businessman who pursued three dicey strategies before obtaining a local beagle. 'After a while I didn't know if I was buying a dog or dealing in an international drug trade.'"

Oh, but ours puts people in jail for pot related crimes. I guess theirs not too much we can say.

Nice government

A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police - "'It was crazy,' says Ali Shekouri, a 32-year-old businessman who pursued three dicey strategies before obtaining a local beagle. 'After a while I didn't know if I was buying a dog or dealing in an international drug trade.'"

Oh, but ours puts people in jail for pot related crimes. I guess theirs not too much we can say.

I am Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm

All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm : Discovery News: "They determined some of the human X chromosome originates from Neanderthals, but only in people of non-African heritage."

If the "non-African" were switched to "African" would there be an uproar?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modern Inquisition

Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death Could Be Executed if He Doesn’t Recant, Says Verdict -

Recant, go free, worship as you wish, make them capture you again. Or, just die. To me the decision is easy, but I'm not a believer.

Just what you'd expect to hear from a health nut, but...

Paid to eat: woman fattens up bank balance by scoffing food online: "Ms Simpson said she could cook for herself. 'I like to cook at home,' she said. 'I don't go out a whole lot. There's a lot of salt in food from restaurants.'"

But does 80% effectiveness increase total transmition

Who Should Get Pills To Prevent HIV? : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

Maybe with a lower chance of contracting HIV people have sex more often and with more people thereby accelerating the spread of HIV.

Take the use of a daily prevention pill for uninfected sexually active heterosexuals, the population hardest-hit by HIV globally.

This is true on a total number of cases basis, but not true relative to the percentage of population affected. In which population the per pill effect is greatest is not a simple problem. For example, if a population has either 0 percent or 100 percent infection, the drugs do not impact the spread, but in the 100 percent infected population do affect the heath. At what percent infection, what frequency of sex, what transmission rate, is the spread minimized? Are members of all populations valued equally? What is each groups political influence?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miami Beach mayor has a funny career path

Miami Beach mayor equates duties to job as a dental assistant - Miami Beach -

Four years ago, Bower added to her growing but modest $15,700 pension by purchasing two years of outside service credit from the city based on her previous job as a dental assistant.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Michael Irvin I respect more that I would expect to

Michael Irvin appears on cover of gay magazine |

"I don't see how any African-American, with any inkling of history, can say that you don't have the right to live your life how you want to live your life," he said.

Dwyane Wade and KFC pretty funny

Dwyane Wade: KFC says NBA star would be welcomed back -

KFC U.S. general manager John Cywinski says that the company has always been proud to call Wade a former employee and looks to hire people with his skills like "teamwork and the ability to make buckets in a hurry."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pro and con on circumcision - contrast the forms of argument

Pro and con on circumcision -

Con: Philosophical human rights argument with no citations. Primarily emotional.

Pro: Medical cost benefit analysis with citations. Primarily logical.

If/when I have a son I will likely have him circumcised like myself, simply because I have no complaints. But, If a vast majority are not, then I will just want him to "fit in" (put intended" and will not have it done.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cool metal carving machine video

5 Axis Robot Carves Metal Like Butter (Video) | Singularity Hub

Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry: Pardon him Obama

Teen faces prison after sex doll prank goes awry: "he didn't expect school officials to call a bomb squad or that he'd be facing up to eight years in prison and a possible felony record."

So his life might be essentially ruined because school officials overreact. Ridiculous. Obama should pardon the kid.

I just notified the Whitehouse of the situation and asked Obama to pardon him.  Please sign this online petition and contact Obama via this link.

I'm a bit hyper about this and bought the domain which now forwards to the online petition.  Please spread the word. I'll submit it to Obama when the pace of signatures slows and/or when there are enough to look impressive.

I just saw that there is which is obviously far more significant than my effort, but I did not see that they mention seeking a pardon, so I'll keep up my effort.

Innovations everywhere: Wood burning stove

I love how something so unexciting can be improved dramatically using technology that has been available for decades. Innovation is available all around.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Google are spead and screen efficiency freaks but...

Here is a simple instance in which they might save some resources and screen space.

Every time I send an email I get a message Your message has been sentInvite James Michaels to Gmail.

If James email is served from Gmail, do I need this message to invite him?  Don't they know that he is a Gmail user?

Healthy players not a win win?

Peyton Manning of Indianapolis Colts in limbo without team therapist - ESPN: "While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated he still expects to discipline players who violate the league's personal conduct policy during the lockout, the league has cut off health-care benefits and imposed strict limits on communication between clubs and injured players."

Of course both the NFL and the players want the players to be healthy, but apparently the league thinks it productive to apply leverage on the players by potentially slowing their recoveries. Why does the health of a player place more pressure on the player than the league?

1. The financial surplus related to that players health is greater for the player than the league.
2. The player cares about his health for more than just financial reasons, the league might give half a shit.
3. The league has a diversified portfolio of players but each players income depends on the health of a single body.
4. The league has a lower discount rate than players, whose average career remaining is only a few years. So the players are in a bigger hurry to get health than the league is to get them healthy.

But, both league and players are better off with healthy players. It's revealing that withholding rehabilitation is the best leverage that the league has indicating the lack of leverage they must think that they have, which is surprising considering 4. from above.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

How about a charity concert by Willie Nelson?

Judge Crushes Plea Deal in Willie Nelson Pot Case |

Does anyone thing that putting him in jail is going to do any good?

It will cost the government to put him there and lose tax revenue from lost tour dates and recording.

Let the guy be.

Cops suck, not funny update

Aunt: ATV crash a nightmare - Miami Beach - "Gutierrez failed a breathalyzer test, according to Mayor Matti Herrera Bower. Witnesses said both officers had been at the Clevelander Hotel."

“Details make a big difference, [but] there’s no doubt he’s going to get charged with DUI or causing serious injury,” said Daniel Lurvey, an attorney with Lyons and Lurvey who practices criminal law.

If Kuilan is found to have been drinking, he will face a felony charge. If there’s no alcohol found in his blood, he may face charges of reckless driving or culpable negligence.

Family and friends say they are worried that the officers may not be held accountable.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is the proper ratio of help for the dead versus the unborn?

Illinois Could Drastically Cut Burials For The Poor, Pastors Protest

As one who does not care what happens to my body after death, though I joke about wanting it distilled, that the state pays for burials and funerals appears silly. Wouldn't we be better off taking care of the living? But since only the living can vote, apparently many of the living care more about the dead than the living or at least more about how caring for the dead make the living feel relative to caring for the living. After all, the dead can't care for themselves, but the living can. But don't the responsible dead plan for their demise while still living?

Can Groupon continue to be funny?

Can Groupon Build a $20 Billion Business on Weird Jokes? - Jeff Bercovici - Mixed Media - Forbes: "Take the example of a Groupon write-up that mentioned that hummingbirds come from cocoons. A reader wrote to Groupon customer service to point out that hummingbirds don’t actually come from cocoons. A Groupon rep wrote back: “Thanks for your email and I’m sorry for any confusion. Hummingbirds do come from cocoons.” The frustrated reader reached out to Ross Hawkins, executive director of the Hummingbird Society, who wrote an e-mail to the reader and to Groupon saying, “Hummingbirds are birds, not insects. They come from eggs.”

The Groupon rep in turn produced a Photoshopped National Geographic cover showing a hummingbird emerging from a cocoon. The e-mails continued escalating until Hawkins bowed out in frustration. Groupon’s final message to the customer was this: “We appreciate your feedback, but we will have to agree to disagree.”"

Not so funny update on police sucking

2 Miami Beach officers slated to lose jobs over ATV crash - Miami Beach - "For Almonte’s family, outrage doesn’t go far enough. “Fired is not enough,” said Almonte’s brother, Isramil Almonte, 31. “Why are they still roaming around free?”"

The cops are to be fired, they say. I wouldn't be surprised if after further investigation the merely get a suspension.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Humility and self awareness

Mistake | WTF Tattoos

Probably the most well balanced individual of the bunch.

No beard or harry chest on this dolphin, but should be.

Flipper | WTF Tattoos

I'm here to pick up your daughter....

Gucci Man returns | WTF Tattoos

How do you spell classy?

Return of the Louis Vuitton print | WTF Tattoos

Clean Funny Pictures, Photos and Jokes TENSIONNOT.COM

Clean Funny Pictures, Photos and Jokes TENSIONNOT.COM

What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes | World news | The Guardian

What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes | World news | The Guardian: "The proposal would initially result in an increase in cigarette prices, said Fridleifsdottir, of '10% per year, in line with World Health Organisation proposals – evidence shows that a 10% increase results in a 4-8% reduction in consumption'.

But by the end of the 10-year plan, prescription-only cigarettes should actually be cheaper than ever, according to Thorarinn Gudnason, president of the Icelandic Society of Cardiology, who helped draw up the proposal.

'Under our plan, smokers who are given prescriptions will be diagnosed as addicts, and we don't think the government should tax addicts.'"

Funny that they apparently don't think that addicts are addicts until you call them addicts. What percent of cigarettes are sold to non-addicts?

The next cosmetic surgery?

Penis Size Linked to Finger Length - ABC News

Yes doc, I'd like to have a longer ring finger...

Too cool

Wingardium Leviosa: This Rotocopter Is Controlled By The Kinect

Next step, is putting the sensors on the copter so it can either follow like a dog or you can control relative to your position while moving.

On Cowen's The Great Stagnation

Tim Jackson | Prosperity Without Growth - Politics Without Creativity Is Not Political | The European Magazine

I'm not so convinced that the low hanging fruit is gone, except is the tautological sense that the lowest is picked first. Think of the great inventions: printing press, internal combustion engine, car, penicillin, double entry accounting, airplane, telephone. All but penicillin reduced the importance of distance or the transmission of information, themselves similar. The Internet does this in spades. I have less disposable income than at any time since high school. Sad, yes. But, I consume far more voice calls, news services, movies, instructional videos, email, etc than ever. My expenditures are minimal but my consumption is massive. The low hanging fruit might not be in making more, but in cheaply distributing what is already made, which might not add much to GDP while adding a lot to happiness. Netflix has plenty of great content streaming for under $10 a month. For $15 I get about 12 discs plus the streaming. I used to rent from Blockbuster for $5 a movie. Sounds like a expensive inconvenient joke now. Skype has the same sort of effect. 10 years ago video calling for free was a fantasy. Now, common. Impact on GDP, negative. Impact on happiness, positive. Email, ebooks, online porn, all the same negative impact on GDP and positive impact on happiness. Invisible bushels of fruit are all around.

"Weird Al" or smart Al?

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Yankovic began kindergarten a year earlier than most children, and he skipped the second grade. 'My classmates seemed to think I was some kind of rocket scientist so I was labeled a nerd early on,' he recalls.[10] As his unusual schooling left him two years younger than most of his classmates, Yankovic was not interested in sports or social events at school. He was a straight-A student throughout high school, which earned him the honor of becoming valedictorian of his senior class.[10] Yankovic was active in his school's extracurricular programs, including the National Forensic League, a play based upon Rebel Without a Cause, the yearbook (for which he wrote most of the captions), and the Volcano Worshippers club, 'which did absolutely nothing. We started the club just to get an extra picture of ourselves in the yearbook.'[10]

Yankovic went on to California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where he earned a degree in architecture.[9"

Congratulations Weird Al. Isn't you head too big?

'Weird Al' Yankovic 'Grateful' for Highest-Ever Billboard 200 Debut |

Maybe it is Photoshopped? Maybe the camera is very close and he is leaning forward?

Funniest "Cops Suck" post yet

Miami Beach cop, in ATV crash with 3 injured, was allegedly drinking - Miami Beach -

"“We have not been able to prove that he, in fact, was drinking as of yet,” Noriega said. “And if I could confirm that, I would fire him right now.”

Police have not released the name of the officer involved in the crash, nor the officer who was allegedly shirking his duties in Mid-Beach."

I really want to know why they can't confirm that the officer was drinking. Ever hear of a Breathalyzer? Sure a blood test should be used for final accuracy, but the B test will give us a yes or no.

And they don't release the names promptly, why should we then thing that they will quickly release the booze tests?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Are suicide bombers cost effective?

Insurgents bought suicide bomber - Afghan spy agency | Reuters: "'The detained man added that a commander under Hakimullah Mehsud sells suicide bombers at 6,000,000 to 8,000,000 Pakistani rupees ($70,000 to $93,000), to the Haqqani network for suicide missions,' the statement said."

A Tamahawk missle costed $US 569,000 (1999).

In many instances the suicide bombers allow more deaths per dollar.

Some simple insight into means and medians

Tim Harford — Article — No, statistics are not silly, but their users . . .

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Sacred white buffalo calf Lighting Medicine Cloud causing a Native American storm | Mail Online

People will believe whatever makes them feel better. I wonder how much a buffalo burger from the cute little albino would cost?

Anticipating a new black market

Quit line calls spike after cigarette labels debut -

Might cigarettes with the warnings pulled off soon sell for a premium?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Not sure it's that serious: World Cup referee could face death penalty for accepting bribes

World Cup referee could face death penalty for accepting bribes: "Al Jazeera reports that if Jun is found guilty for accepting bribes as a public servant then he could face the death penalty. The average sentence for state servants who are found guilty for taking bribes of more than $14,705 is between ten years and death."

That's one way to either eliminate corruption or allow the judges to collect plenty of their own graft.

Instant replay in soccer, the strange commentary

Would instant replay work in soccer? - World Cup 2010 South Africa -

"In tennis, when the ball is out, it's clear. It's white or black," he said. "But in football, you don't have so much occasions to say, 'Look, this is really clear.'"

Jose-Marcia Garcia-Aranda, FIFA's head of refereeing, said he is "very, very satisfied" with the performance of World Cup officials even though he admitted some calls were "not fully correct."

"Some of them are not good decisions on the field of play, and this for human beings is natural," he said.

Why so anti replay? Because soccer is hard to call and because literally only a few plays a game are meaningful, goals and cards, those should be reviewed, and soccer could benefit more than almost any other sport with few interruptions. For example, in football every play has an impact on the path of the game. In soccer most plays end with the goalie catching the ball or the ball going out of bounds, back to near neutral position. Only reviewing the key plays would improve the credibility of outcomes dramatically, so why the opposition? The skeptic is me thinks that the refs want the discretion. Why? Because discretion can be sold. One call can determine the outcome. Just make the call for a penalty kick and change the outcome. What's am empirical test for referee corruption or bias? Maybe compare the number of penalty kicks awarded to teams by referees from countries with friendly or unfriendly relations.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Penis extension of the day

TAG Heuer debuts hideously expensive Link smartphone - Gadgets

Please send me a picture of someone with one of these. I bet it's a guy in his 50s with a slicked back hair and pony tail wearing a suit on Saturday. is shockingly insightful

Single Video Player

And this is not just because I considered him to be "just a musician." Anyone interested in marketing now and in the future should watch it.

Facebook Will be the death of phone calls between friends

Facebook Will Launch In-Browser Video Chat Next Week In Partnership With Skype

Facebook will be the address book referred to when making a call and mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. with the Facebook app will ring. Why dial a number or even leave your most visited page? Just double click a picture.

I wonder if eventually I'll have to get an account. I hope not.