Friday, July 8, 2011

Healthy players not a win win?

Peyton Manning of Indianapolis Colts in limbo without team therapist - ESPN: "While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated he still expects to discipline players who violate the league's personal conduct policy during the lockout, the league has cut off health-care benefits and imposed strict limits on communication between clubs and injured players."

Of course both the NFL and the players want the players to be healthy, but apparently the league thinks it productive to apply leverage on the players by potentially slowing their recoveries. Why does the health of a player place more pressure on the player than the league?

1. The financial surplus related to that players health is greater for the player than the league.
2. The player cares about his health for more than just financial reasons, the league might give half a shit.
3. The league has a diversified portfolio of players but each players income depends on the health of a single body.
4. The league has a lower discount rate than players, whose average career remaining is only a few years. So the players are in a bigger hurry to get health than the league is to get them healthy.

But, both league and players are better off with healthy players. It's revealing that withholding rehabilitation is the best leverage that the league has indicating the lack of leverage they must think that they have, which is surprising considering 4. from above.

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