Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Finally something concrete and many objectives are shockingly sane. The implementation of many would be near impossible, but despite my negative appraisal of the protesters I must admit this list could be a lot worse.

1. On reinstating Glase -Steagall: I'm not an expert, but the division between investment banking and and commercial banks might impose risk limits and less moral hazard.

2. I agree that white collar criminals get off way to easy. Caught with a rock crack and spend years; caught bilking millions and get a suspended sentence.

3. Limiting corporate money in elections is also complicated with the First Amendment inconvenience. I also wish to do away with crony capitalism, but am not sure limiting election funding is the way. Maybe a daily sweetheart deal that is widely distributed and always embarrassing. Light might disinfect.

4. Soak the rich: I think many of the unintended consequences are true: less money to invest, lower rates of investment, lower motivation to work hard, bitterness of those who might work hard, etc.

5. Revamp SEC: How? Fire everyone? No longer support the public sector union? Pay private sector wages? Eliminate regulatory capture? Dream on. I wish they could do better, but...

6. Limitting Lobbyest's influence. Great, but good luck.

7. Lobbyists' revolving door: I'm in favor of elimination, but how?

8. Corporate person status: I'm not an expert, but I find this unlikely to be a major problem I think big business would be almost unfeasible without limited liability of shareholders and managers. I'm also pretty sure we want big businesses.

PROPOSED LIST OF DEMANDS (please help edit/add so this can be submitted for consideration to those maintaining the official list) | OccupyWallSt.org Forum:

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