Friday, August 19, 2011

The price of fame: Jersey Shore Style

How Much Does the Jersey Shore Cast Make? - Jersey Shore: In addition to what they get paid per ep, the Jersey Shore kids are able to charge more for their side business ventures due to their increasing popularity. Pauly D makes up to $80,000 a week DJing, with as much as $40,000 being asked per gig. Snooki rakes in up to $20,000 for red carpet appearances, and was even paid $11,000 to show up for two hours at a relatively modest New Jersey tanning salon. The Situation, the brand, proved to be a multi-million dollar business in 2010, and Mike, who also made some cash for his few weeks as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars this year (about $135,000), hopes to hit the one billion mark by the end of 2011.

I can't imagine the pain of having to be sober in one of the places these goof balls is paid to be.

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