Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage -

An Interracial Fix for Black Marriage -

I've dated many black women and so know all about weaves, sew-ins, micros, etc. Hip hop has been my favorite genre since Run DMC, LL, and PE. Because of this cultural familiarity the burden of stepping outside their race is reduced with me, even for black women who have never dated a white man. And no, I do not affect any hip hop fashion or speak ebonics. My understanding from discussions with women I've dated is that most consider wiggers in most cases inauthentic and trying to hard.

One issue that I think the book might discuss, but is beyond the focus of this article is the significant portion of black women who will not date black men. Yes, I have benefited from the fact that many black men have abandoned their daughters and their daughters have accordingly responded with an aversion to anyone who reminds them of their father. I do not.

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