Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the slave trade

New revelations about slaves and slave trade -

The article is a bit interesting though not surprising. The comments are shocking. I guess anything regarding slavery brings out the philosophically eccentric (AKA crazies).

The first: ahmad18ny
all educated people love white people and all that they did for the world. it's the self hating whites, low life bigots, and the flat out racist people that have bad things to say about whites.

FYI, I am white, educated, feel fortunate for being white, am not a bigot (black live-in girl friend/best man at black friends wedding etc. other friend of many backgrounds), yet I have plenty of bad things to say about whites. Most of those things apply to most races though. People typically suck regardless of color. Get over it. Extremists of all tend to be the most annoying and dangerous though. Stay humble and keep asking your self the tough questions. Under what conditions tends to work well.

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