Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogging etiquette

A post on blog A takes me to blog B when I see a book of interest recommended.  I Google the book name plus "pdf" and find a summary that is useful.  I want to link to summary.  To who and how should I provide attribution?  There has to be some limit.  My idea is that if you make an original web search, using Google etc. then then attribution chain stops.  Otherwise, maybe link to the last blog that provided value beyond simply supplying a link.  Thoughts?

Yes, my attribution decision for my prior post inspired this post.


  1. The meaning of the post must not have been clear so "take two".

    Question: How should a blogger fairly provide attribution?

    Answer: To the article/post the resulting post is directly referencing. But, if a Google or other web search result is being referenced rather than the inspiring post, then providing the original post attribution is optional.

    Is this a fair rule?