Thursday, June 2, 2011

More tattoos: NBA style

NBA Finals Tattoos: From Jason Terry's Trophy Hope to Mario Chalmers's "Mister Clutch" - Miami Art - Cultist

I love basketball and am amused by tattoos. These players are blessed with incredible physical abilities and their bodies show it. I've go a great idea! Put some graffiti on myself. What's more fun is imagining what must have gone through each of their heads as they decided on their chosen designs.

7. Chinese symbols: Neither I nor any one else I do anything buy order takeout from can read this. I'm not Chinese. Maybe other players will be intimidated if they think I know Karate.

6. Miller time: I know, putting a beer slogan on my body will really impress people with my daring and creativity.

5. Only the strong survive: What's a slogan that conveys how I'm a badass? Oh, at seven feet tall I'm already pretty badass; my slogan can be lame and nobody will tell me to my face.

4. Mister clutch: I made a big shot. Yes! Everybody better remember that.

3. Dark blob: I'm a man of mystery and my tattoo should be too. Or maybe he just had a really bad artist.

2. Chosen One: I'm the best basketball player of my generation, maybe ever at my position, but nobody knows it! I don't get enough attention. What can I do to look more full of myself?

1. State of Florida map: Representin' from the pan handle to Key West. Why bother. Which state is he trying to make jealous?

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