Monday, June 13, 2011

Labron is criticized for a triple double

17 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds is a great game. He also missed all four 3-pointers--bad luck. Dallas won because they shot 13 for 19 from 3. Heat hit 8 of 20. If heat had hit the same number as Dallas, hear winds by 6 and Labron is celebrated as a great team player. I suggest always recognizing that the guys talking are professional talkers, not professional analysts. And most talkers in my experience tend towards that emotive rather than analytic and vice versa. It's amazing how many basketball games hinge on the 3 point percentage. Closing out on 3s helps more than many plays likely acknowledge with their effort in doing so.

I think people don't realize the degree to which randomness determines the outcome of a close 7 gave basketball series. In game 6 the heat were out-shot at the line and beyond the arc. That's all it took. Everything else was essentially a tie, but somehow now people say labron is a born loser.

I would like to see him work on some post moves to force defenses to guard him with a 4 or 5 who would not be as able to stop dribble penetration. Also, lifting his 3 point percentage above .330 would help, but this OK percentage might be due to taking 3s off the dribble or under pressure rather than clean corner looks that are easiest.

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