Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google Circles, why if I were to do social networking it would be on Goolge+

Google Circles: The Dumbest Thing About Google+ | Peter Pachal | "And of all the things that have turned people off of Facebook over the years, the lack of focus on friend-organizing tools isn't one of them."

I disagree. I don't use any social networks because I don't trust companies with my social network data. Another reason is that my social spectrum spans a 14 year old who asked for my exercise and diet advice at the basketball court, to a twenty something year old at the same court who describes himself as a "businessman" who must go to many nightclubs in one night to make his paper, to long time close confidants, to business contacts in the upper ranks of financial services, to professors, and more. No, I don't want these widely varied connections to know of each other, let alone to interact. Circles allows those with a similar social graph but who are slightly less paranoid to get social. After Buzz, I don't trust Google, so no social networking for me. Plus, there are only about a dozen people I care to talk to anyways, and I prefer to hear their voices.

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