Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do with Yahoo!?

Nobody even wants to be associated with them.

This next to what is the fair value of Facebook are likely the two most frequently asked questions in Silicon Valley.  Here my crack at it.

The one think I like about Yahoo! is their finance site.  I cannot think of the last time I visited for any other reason.  Oh yeah, when I was considering going through the hassle of moving my domains when they raised the prices of already purchased domains from $10 to $35 dollars.

Aside from a large email user based and non-tech savvy traffic, what does Yahoo! have?  A little of everything.

Yahoo! is internet novices.  Apple is easy to use pretty technology.  Both have a similar world view of controlling the user experience by guiding users through a walled garden of content.  Apple should buy Yahoo!!!

Apples stock is riding high.  Yahoo! would again be able to keep and hire talent.  Jobs would improve Yahoo's user experience.  The PR would be incredible.  Yapple, Aphoo!  Naw.  Just Apple.  Yahoo! can deliver the cheapest traffic on the internet and Jobs is more likely than anyone to succeed at a massive turnaround of attitudes.  Yahoo! will regain pride.

For full disclosure, I do not care much for Apple and think Yahoo sucks walrus balls.  I don't like to follow directions let alone be told what to or not to view or what programs to use by the maker of my phone.  When I was mugged and my iPhone was stolen my relief was unambiguous.

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