Monday, October 4, 2010

UWC does this articles theory support support for intervention into the lifestyles of mothers to be?

Op-Ed Columnist - At Risk From the Womb -

It brings to mind "To bad we can't outlaw bad parenting." But of course we do to a point, but how far should we take it? Should smoking, drinking, drug using mothers go to jail? should junk food eating mothers? Should we guarantee a minimum lifestyle to reduce stress? Unlike in my younger more idealistic and ideological years I do not think that a slippery slope necessarily means don't try the slide. The political process performs myriad balancing acts. But this new evidence could be used to restrict the freedom of mothers to a shocking extent if the health of the fetus is perceived an preeminent. What is the minimal legal standard of care for a fetus? I have personally felt disgusted and had my night ruined when a friend of a girlfriend was "partying" while pregnant. Not sure where I fall on this one because my preference for freedom for the mother clashes with my desire to not handicap the child. Yes, I am pro-choice, which is another potential inconsistency. OK to kill, just don't hurt it. Strange implication. I guess, in my mind, that the unborn don't have rights but their future selves do.

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