Monday, October 11, 2010

On a trick of Hitler's

No I am not a fan of Hitlers.  I am more Jewish than anything else and have a black girlfriend.  Not exactly his dream...But the use of manufactured correlation is pretty impressive for his day.

Hitler’s brilliant anchor

Hitler was able to use Anchoring in a way so brilliant yet deceitful. He created a subsonic noise undetectable to the untrained ear that was awfully unique. When turned on, a discrete buzzing noise would fill the stadium.  The noise was subconsciously irritating and even caused people to become sick.  This noise would be switched ON while the highly anticipated crowd was waiting for Hitler to come on stage and then turned OFF immediately after he stepped in front of the podium.  As soon as he appeared on stage, most people subconsciously felt immediate relief.  So the crowd was anchored to: feel good, feel relief, and feel comfortable when Hitler is in front of them.  Reasons like this anchoring technique was why Hitler rose to power so quickly and so powerfully.
I wonder to what extent this technique is neutered is people know the presence and plan behing the annoyance?  

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