Thursday, August 5, 2010

UWC will you wear red?

Why women are attracted to a man dressed in red | Mail Online

It gets interesting when one considers common knowledge of the phenomenon.

If all women know that all men know that women are attracted to red, then do women treat men who are wearing red like horny devils?

Can women control the primal urges instigated by red? If not then men should wear red regardless of what women know.

If women can control their urges if they know the man is wearing red just to attract them, is a man's best strategy to wear stealth red that women's subconscious will recognize but the women will not consciously process and accordingly not compensate by treating a man like the "horny devils that wear red?"

If women know horny devils wear red, and they are looking for a horny devil, then wearing red is a low risk way (ego-wise) of attracting women who are ready for action.

Does red attract men to women, men to men, and/or women to women?

When will you wear red?  



  1. I've worn red before but maybe it was the wrong red because all I received where dirty looks from other men.

  2. Dirty look from other men makes a great deal of sense, because if they understand the impact of red on women, they will likely see you as a tough competitor for reproductive rights. I will try it. Off to Ross or TJ MAXX hoping they have some red warm up suits. Ha ha ha.