Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sorry--Google drops Google Wave - Computerworld

Google drops Google Wave - Computerworld

I was on the waiting list, tried to use it for a couple of days, and said forget it as did most other people.

Suggestion: Integrate Wave into gmail as a new form of conversation allowing one to keep running conversations with gmail contacts. Allow listing of Wave among gmail conversations with easy filtering, thereby eliminating the need for having another window open and learning message management interface. I am surprise Google did not do this when they have been so good at creating near zero learning curve prior to benefit applications such as their calendar, docs, and voice programs (though voice could be better integrated into gmail). My guess is "integrating" the the Wave technology into other services will do exactly what I suggest.  Fr

I followed up with a question about Buzz — Google’s other recently launched social tool. “The Buzz team is doing very well,” Schmidt said. But he noted that “we tend to lump Buzz into the Gmail success.” When I asked if Google considered attaching Wave with Gmail as well to bolster it, Schmidt replied that “there were a number of such ideas, yes.”  From TechCruch

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