Friday, August 27, 2010

Replay? Let's Be Honest: Microsoft's Mobile Business Is A Fantasy

Let's Be Honest: Microsoft's Mobile Business Is A Fantasy

I might recall other times when MS came from behind to dominate. The entire Office suite and Internet explorer are two. MS SQL is improving quickly and can handle most businesses, such as United Airlines for less than Oracle. Yes, these are desktop/server side solutions. Also, MS does not control the OS in mobile so they do not have an easy marketing advantage by bundling it. But, most businesses use Office for productivity, Exchange Server for email, and trust MS with their infrastructure. Despite MS's attempt to go social with Phone 7, I think there best chance of penetration is in providing desktop to mobile productivity integration. Cloud drive is ready to sync it all. I use Google docs all the time for simple text collaboration, but for a sophisticated documents don't even think about it competing with Word, and it won't for a while. Versus Excel, don't even think about it for large complicated sheets. And $15 is really irrelevant. If apple can charge a premium for flash (pun intended) then MS can for productivity. Don't count them out. Blackberry, beware. The social has to be cover to make Phone 7 appear up with the times, but the real advantage is integration with the tools business runs on.

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