Friday, May 20, 2011

Men who fuck subordinates are pathetic

NYT: Sexual 'pirates' prowled IMF for women - Business - US business - The New York Times -

A "real" alpha male or Don Juan does not have to exercise power in the workplace to get laid. If you are such a "man" then you should be able to get it in the wild. Shame rather than pride associated with workplace conquests can be a force for ending sexual pressures within the workplace. If a boss does his secretary the response should not be a high five but a "that's the only way you can get some". Doing ones secretary should establish less credibility than using a prostitute. The prostitute knows what she is being paid for when she shows up. The secretary most likely wants her job to be limited to its formal description. Real studs don't need to apply financial pressure for pussy.  The same goes for professors who fuck students.


  1. You sound bitter more than anything else. Because they take advantage of some easy pussy in their lap, they are pathetic? Get a grip.

  2. Me bitter about my sex life, anything but. In contrast, when I taught university between the ages of 27 (grad school) and 33 (tenure track) several female students made themselves apparently available by asking me out via a note in my mailbox or coming by my office to talk, not about economics. I never availed myself of any "easy pussy" that would risk my positions because I always, yes always, had ample outside opportunities. It is the willingness to take the risk for easy pussy that makes the pressure predators pathetic. If they had ample risk free opportunities they would not abuse positions of authority unless they are oddly risk seeking. For a real player their is plenty of easy pussy available that won't get one fired.

  3. Ugh! Not all guys are desperate like you sound Mr. Anonymous. It's only the creeps, that don't have options, who "take advantage of some easy pussy in their lap". In those cases they're either really old and gross, fat or ugly. I really hope you're not in a position of authority Mr. Anonymous because small (as in genitalia) pathetic men don't seem to have the self discipline to take no for an answer unless it comes with a pink slip. I've worked with a pervert who was terminated for sexual harassment. Ask any woman, we think men who use their positions for sex are disgusting!