Monday, May 16, 2011



1. I will not use them.

2. Before the colors convey information to many others the colors must be understood.

3. The colors and their meanings seam random which undermines 2.

4. Why do they show people wearing five bracelets or more? Are people going to put their life stories on their wrist?

5. Do people's cloths, mannerisms, and facial expressions not tell more than a couple plastic bands?

I predict a fail.

If I were to market these I would have two colors:
1. Blue: I'm the man, looking for a woman
2. Pink: I'm the woman, looking for a man

Wear both if you like both. Yes, women can wear blue and men can wear pink. Tops, wear two blues if you want to get explicit.

If you don't want sex, why wear any at all. Not like most guys are going to not talk to a girl because she's wearing a orange bracelet.

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