Monday, May 30, 2011

1 Dead, 7 Injured in Miami Beach Shootings | NBC Miami

1 Dead, 7 Injured in Miami Beach Shootings | NBC Miami

I live very close to the epicenter of Miami Beach nightlife and experienced this weekend first hand. I was initially hesitant but then went out my regular spots. Club Duece, a dive bar with a pool table, was less busy than usual likely because the 30 and up patrons had left town or stayed in. Then I went to hip hop club, also with pool tables. The like was longer than usual, but inside was less crowded because management likely understood that keeping space to move would reduce conflict. I shot a couple games of pool. Tried to dance a bit. Got some high fives after, as usually a black girl tests my mojo and exceed expectations, at least for humor and enthusiasm. Then I left with no hassles.

Urban weekend is more complicated than most people make it and deserves some analysis beyond "shut it down" or "shutting it down is racist." I might be engaging in some wishful thinking, but think an effort should be made toward making this event positive expression of fun and responsibility. I heard no voices respected by the hip hop community calling for making this weekend an example of how clean, considerate, and well mannered hip hop fans ARE. Russell Simmons, the Heat's big three, President Obama could all have an impact. I was not able to find anything on Million Man March violence nor arrests, leading me to believe they were not a major problem. So I think peace is possible. Hip hop fans should take the opportunity to create a positive image, but nobody appears to be taking initiative. I suggest the Miami Beach government start planning now by contacting people to make the call for responsibility.

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