Saturday, April 2, 2011

What do they want done?

Protests over Koran burning spread in Afghanistan, with 9 dead in Kandahar - The Washington Post

Change our constitution to ban burning of the Koran?
Is this just a focal point for a desire for foreign forces to leave?
Is it a focal point for common people to display a general displeasure with their current situation which is blamed on occupation and being taken advantage of by the Taliban who is inciting violence?

Can democracy function in such a populous?
Is a smooth transition of power between governments after an election foreseeable?
If not, what are the options of the U.S. and its allies?
Leave a power vacuum? Leave it glowing?
Maybe the best us defense is to keep they Muslim world fighting among themselves, because trying to bring democracy has has such limited success.
Democracy required a desire to live by the rules of the game, meaning, stop fighting prior to death. Can this be taught for an acceptable price?
Sadly, after trying to introduce civil society, I think we should give up and accept that the best we can do is covert operations to keep the region fighting with themselves in civil war, border disputes, and sectarian violence.

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