Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Case sounds easy, but is not

Tanya McDowell's case continued following press conference - StamfordAdvocate

Most would agree that children of homeless parents should be able to go to school. If so, where can they go? School districts that I am aware of allow admittance based on residence is a geographic area. If homeless you have no residence so can the kids go nowhere? Anywhere? Or just public schools that don't mind having them? I was fortunate enough to attend a very exclusive public school (not an oxymoron). The school and town applies great social pressure to donate to the school. An anecdote, according to my mom, when Sean Penn moved into town he refused to pay his share for his children and was apparently socially ostracized. He eventually started paying. The odds are low that Ross would allow a homeless mothers kid into Ross School. If schools have to take all comers according to a lottery, first come first serve, test scores, etc. then the idea of a local school is gone. Towns would not longer associated with their schools. Real estate values would equilibrate across town borders. Communities would be less tight knit around the school. I'm not sure whether the implications are good or bad on net.

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