Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Midicaid universal health plan

This idea is half baked but might just spawn some thought.  Someone else has very likely floated a similar idea, so please don't accuse me of stealing so and so's idea, just let me know who's idea it was first so that I can read their version.

Now you have to typically be a poor women who is pregnant or with young children to qualify.  How about opening up enrollment and adding a deductible an HSA component.  If one signs up, then they pay 5% of their income.  Their deductible is 5% of their income.  Coverage over the deductible would be covered at 90% up to max out of pocket of 15% of income.  2.5% of income goes into an HSA account.

The benefit of the program is that is leverages a program already in existence while establishing universal, or near universal coverage in the U.S.  Obviously all the numbers are guessed facilitating the example.  I surely don't support the idea in its present form, but think its worth more thought in this direction.  I'm likely not in favor of a federal program guaranteeing health care for all.  Anyone who says this is an easy choice has only lived or seen the on one of the halved of society lives.

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