Saturday, March 12, 2011

What kinds of skill will be valuable

Cowen on Chess and AI

To summarize Tyler computers are excellent at doing what they are told, but the people telling them what to do are not so good at telling them how to do things that are original.  In some ways an algorithm for creativity is an oxymoron, but recombination/selection programs might be.  It depends on how we model creativity.  Tyler has written that much of what we consider creativity is actually recombination, such as Navaho rugs and Reggae music.  Maybe then computers can be creative.

What computers are less likely to do well is sell.  The highest paid person in organizations is typically the CEO and the second is the top salesperson.  It will be a while before computers will be able to take clients golfing or to strip joints.  At what point will people believe that a computer truly feels their pain?

When will computers be capable of managing and motivating humans?

People are as necessary as ever to manipulate, motivate, and manage people and this ain't changing soon.

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