Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arizona outlaws abortions based on race, sex

Arizona outlaws abortions based on race, sex

"The law allows the father of an aborted fetus - or, if the mother is a minor, the mother's parents - to take legal action against the doctor or other health-care provider who performed the abortion. convicted of the felony, physicians would face up to seven years in jail and the loss of their medical license."

Doctor's should be scared of this trap. As an example, a white woman goes for an abortion knowing that the fetus is mulatto. The black father threatens charges are extorts money from the doctor. If I performed abortions in AZ legally, I'd leave. Illegally, I'd look forward to expansion. Clearly abortions will be pushed out of state, for the well off, and underground for the rest. I wonder if the back-alley-abortionist industry is a campaign donor?

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