Thursday, July 15, 2010


This Blog is to discuss things that interest me.
My perspective on the word can be understood as:
Hayek's conception of the value of local knowledge
There is no substitute for experience
In analyzing a questions their are likely five or fewer variables that matter.
When analyzing a business the big uncertainty is typically revenue.
Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you.
Most people are followers.
I neither want to lead nor follow.
Basketball is the most best sport!
Sufficient evidence can change my mind about just about anything (I don't know what it couldn't.)
Human behavior is oddly predictable (motivated by sex, fear, and greed) and unpredictable (how much will an individual give in a dictator game).
I'm having as much fun as possible before dieing.
Very often, the more one believes in what they are saying the lower the probability they are correct.
Most people will believe just about anything that is heard enough times, especially if accompanied by fervent emotion.
Most people are shockingly poor critical thinkers.
People will often believe what they want despite countervailing evidence.
If one is too friendly too quickly get ready to be conned.

This list will grow.

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