Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad Government: Oakland Strangles Most Pot Growers

Oakland council OKs plan to set up pot factories -

Leave it to Oakland to take a short-run strategy of restricting the number of entrants and thus competition and innovation. The only thing I think Oakland has relatively free entry into it crime. Of course I'm biased after being mugged there last year.

This line of logic is the most laughable.
"The plan would authorize four potentially enormous pot factories, but makes no provision for the hundreds of growers who now supply Oakland's four dispensaries, which sold $28 million in marijuana last year." Meaning only four firms can now grow.

"he 5-2 vote came after two hours of testy debate between pot growers who argued the proposal could destroy their livelihoods and businessmen who said it could turn Oakland into the Silicon Valley of pot, create jobs and generate new tax revenues."

Um? So silicon valley prospers because there are only for tech companies there are opposed to a vibrant ecosystem of capital and entrepreneurs creating new companies? Wrong!

Can I have one of these jobs? Wonder if any insiders will get quality control positions?
"But Rebecca Kaplan and Larry Reid, the two council members who drafted the proposal, want the city to exert more control over cultivation, including setting up a city staff that would routinely inspect the four operations. They say it could eliminate violent robberies, fires caused by faultily wired grow houses and excessive use of pesticides."

And finally, no surprise...
"The city, which has led the state in its innovative approach to marijuana, was the first to adopt a pot tax, which is 1.8%, but is considering asking voters to approve a substantial increase."

Humboldt is likely celebrating. Why?

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