Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple: UWC to soft or hard launch a product

3rd UPDATE:Apple Admits To IPhone 4 Issues,To Give Away Covers - "'Haven't we earned credibility for the press to give us the benefit of the doubt?' he asked."

Google, and Apple competitor, is known for keeping it's product in beta and by invitation for years prior to risking is full brand (not in the case of Buzz which was a debacle) . Will the IPhone 4 issues motivate Apple to soft launch future products? I doubt it.

UWC are soft versus hard launches preferable?

1. Likely bugs-soft
2. Open with a bang to create the impression of need to have and scarcity--hard
3. Constant product iteration--soft
4. Discrete major product upgrades--hard

2-4 indicate software is more likely to be soft launched and hardware hard launched, which is consistent with Google and Apples businesses.

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