Sunday, September 26, 2010

No shorts for sale in Miami Beach

That is correct.  I went to Ross and TJ MAXX today to buy short and neither place had more than a dozen standard shorts, as in solid color or simple patterned cotton shorts.  I asked a clerk in TJ MAXX it that was their entire selection and he explained that it is nearing October, meaning the end of warm weather in most of the USA.  Don't you think retailers could adjust their inventory according to climate?  Even if shorts are not being manufactured there must be extra stock somewhere on earth.  I plan to write both companies emails to see what they say and will keep you posted.

Here is the text of my email.  I am waiting for responses.

I just returned from you store in Miami Beach disappointed that you only had about 8 men's cottons shorts to choose from.  The clerk explained that during the end of summer there are none available.  This appears silly because clearly you are able to stock according to climate.  Please clarify the reasoning for not keeping shorts available in Miami Beach.  My experience is being chronicled on my blog

Best regards,

Rob Nelson

TJ MAXX update:
Thank you for contacting T.J. Maxx.

T.J. Maxx purchases all of it's merchandise "opportunistically", meaning that we buy the best brand name and quality merchandise whenever available. Our buyers would rather go a little lighter in a particular department, rather than buying merchandise that does not meet our high standards for price, style and value.

We can't say for sure if your local store will carry Men's shorts in the future, but we suggest you continue to visit your local store for this item.   And remember, if we don?t have what you're looking for this week, we could the following, so be sure to check back often! Each store receives over thousands of new items each week!

We appreciate your inquiry.


T.J. Maxx Customer Service

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