Sunday, September 26, 2010

Credibility? Wave of the future?

Conventional media and advertisers might have a hard time dealing with the internet.  Here is a great solution.

"Many muscle magazines are owned by supplement companies. Weider Nutrition Group launched "Muscle and Fitness" and "Flex." EAS Supplements grew out of "Muscle Media Magazine," and then really took off with the bestselling "Body for Life" book series, which was largely a glorified brochure for EAS products. Between the books and the magazines, the supplement industry has much of the weightlifting public convinced that they must consume protein powders to gain muscle."  Link

What other industries have the same?  
Under what conditions will companies own the media focussed on their products?
Under what conditions will companies advertise to the readers that the companies own the media?

In asset management, my industry, companies create much collateral, but it is typically branded.  Some of this is possibly to comply with SEC or FINRA regulations, but having a separate media corp might mitigate compliance risk.  


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